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Created with Midjourney V4 (with the exception of the movie posters' typography) -- November, 2022

In the year 2018, the world is captivated by the sport of Pong, with the top players earning fame and fortune. Chase Strafer (Drrex Brorkt), a rising star in the Pong world, is on the cusp of greatness when he meets Pong's woman champion Nova Ryzhkov​ (Jackie Winters). Together, they uncover a sinister plot by the corporation behind the sport to control the outcome of games and manipulate the players.


With the help of a rogue hacker and a former Pong engineer Dodger (Gerd Jurgen), they set out to expose the truth and bring down the corrupt system. But as they dig deeper, they realize the corporation will stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe and the stakes become higher than they could ever imagine. With the world watching and the corporation closing in, Chase, Nova and Dodger must race against time to reveal the truth and restore integrity to the sport they love.

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