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I'm a multi-award winning director, editor, graphic/motion graphic designer and writer. I've directed and overseen hundreds of episodes of animated content and have had a substantial hand in the development of many projects.

I contribute valuable creative feedback in almost every aspect of production; from pitch material for development, working in the pre-production phase of a series, as well as production itself, be it writing, storyboard hand-offs, animatic editorial, storyboard revisions, design, modelling, camera composition, voice records, animation, motion capture, special FX, sound design, sound mixing and musical scoring. 


As a consultant, I offer my insights and thoughts and notes with an egoless "the decision is ultimately yours" attitude, but I will be vocal and champion something I truly believe to be the route to take in a concerted effort to help you build the best project it can possibly be. 

My clients have included Cartoon NetworkDisney, DreamWorks,

Hasbro, Lord Miller, Marvel, Mattel, Netflix, and Sony 

to name just a few. 


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