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Created with Midjourney V4 (with the exception of the movie posters' typography) -- December 2022

Set 15 years after the horrific events in the world of professional league Pong, blackballed Pong champion Chase Strafer (Drrex Brorkt) is back and is determined to pull off the ultimate heist. He orchestrates his own capture and is sentenced to a long-term prison sentence aboard a high-security spaceship. The ship, however, also happens to be carrying a vast fortune in gold, stored in an impenetrable vault. Strafer enlists the help of a team of skilled criminals, and together they hatch a daring plan to break out of prison and break into the vault.


As they put their plan into motion, they discover the ship is on a collision course with a massive meteor shower. With time running out, they must not only break into the vault and escape with the gold, but they must also navigate the ship to safety before the meteors destroy everything in their path. With tension rising and time running out, Strafer and his team must use all of their skills and ingenuity to pull off the heist of a lifetime and escape with their lives.

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